Internalizing expertise is a critical achievement for self-sustainable organizations. Hiring, training and supporting the right staff creates a lasting impact on the organization.

Excel Fundraising Services

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  • Staff & Volunteer Training
  • Recruitment & Hiring
  • Succession Planning
  • Major Gifts Training
  • Live & Online Classes

The Challenge

You know that funding is a key component of sustaining your mission. You feel that fundraising might be the solution. Do staff have the skills to be successful? What about board members and volunteers – do they have the capacity to help? If not, where are you going to find the expertise that you need?

With so many methods of fundraising to choose from, where do you start? Which methods will be successful based on the resources you have at hand? Will you need to invest in more resources, hire staff, train volunteers? How can the rest of the organization support fundraising efforts?

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Commit to a fundraising culture with Excel Fundraising and reap the rewards for years to come.