We know you love what you do. Your cause is important to you and to the clients you serve. Its important to us as well.

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We love what we do too. We are experts at major giving. Our experts are ready to turn your passion into results.

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Your clients will love us too. Together we will meet their most critical needs when they need it the most.

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Fundraising Accelerator

accelerator model fundraising for charities Excel Fundraising consultants


We will be with you every step of the way. Harnessing your passion into powerful programming to meaningfully connect with your constituents is what we do.


Funding your dream can be challenging. We are experts in building highly effective fundraising and major gifts teams. Our resources and expertise are ready to leverage your passion into results.


Your clients will love us too. Meeting their needs is the measure of success. Together we will meet their most critical needs when they need it the most.

Our Accelerator Services

Excel is more than just another consultancy, we are a Fundraising Accelerator. We leverage our passion for the highest business standards to your cause in an intensive period of planning, training and leadership that results in a high momentum launch of your fundraising. The result? A focused and fast launching partnership that gets you fundraising now and transfers internal capacity for your future.


Verify Needs & Feasibility

You’re passionate about your cause but are your client’s needs really being met? Knowledge is critical for programming and fundraising success. Identify gaps in current services and the viability of funding them.

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Planning Strategically

What do you want the organization to be? What is the dream? You will need a robust plan to help you achieve your vision. If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.

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Rallying Support

Converting constituents to passionate supporters of your cause is challenging. A strong brand, key messaging and impactful communications can build a bridge between your passion and theirs.

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Funding Your Dream

New funding is always challenging. But big funding can take your dreams further. A solid strategy to identify and secure major gifts from individuals, corporations and foundations is a necessity.

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Accelerate Fundraising

Charities are under constant pressure to be highly efficient. A focused, coordinated and effective fundraising process is absolutely critical for maximizing the funds available for programs.

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Driving Performance

No one feels the pressure to perform more than the fundraising staff. Realistic and measurable outcomes are critical to driving fundraising performance and job satisfaction for both the employee and employer.

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Building Capacity

Internalizing expertise is a critical achievement for self-sustainable organizations. Hiring, training and supporting the right staff creates a lasting impact on the organization.

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Leading Expertly

Strong, experienced leadership is essential to successfully accelerating fundraising. A skilled hand can guide the organization through the start-up and growth stages of fundraising quickly.

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Impacting Results

Making a greater impact in your community - and the world - is the mission of every great charity. Create visible and tangible outcomes for your constituents. Make your passion happen!

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