Experts in Building Major Gifts Departments

Different from traditional consultancies, we consider ourselves to be a fundraising accelerator. Through an intense period of strategic planning, operations building and fundraising training, our goal is to transfer all our expertise to you.

Our business-minded approach to fundraising accelerates your efforts to build self-sustainable fundraising for the long-term.

We are experts in building major gift and capital campaign departments for charities and non-profits of all sizes. Our processes, tools and support materials are effective for organizations with goals from $1 million to $50 million.

Accelerate you fundraising with us, and start pursuing your passion today.

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what we believe at Excel Fundraising consulting

  • Charities are indispensable contributors to our society. It is vital that they be as successful as possible.
  • All charities - including the small and medium organizations - deserve to fundraise professionally.
  • Fundraising is not rocket science. There are a few things that must be done well and anyone can do them.
  • Fundraising skills must engage everyone in your organization to develop an internal capacity for long-term success.
  • Common practices are not best practices. Best practices produce uncommon fundraising results.
  • Being business-like makes charities more charitable. It increases mission impact by fostering fundraising success.


helping charities at Excel Fundraising consultingYou raise money for a cause you’re passionate about. For many organizations, the greatest barrier to turning passion into reality is a lack of funding. Excel Fundraising’s role is to take your passion and make it happen!

  • Excel delivers all the strategic planning, training and operating services to run a successful fundraising department.
  • Excel accelerates the planning, pursuit and achievement of your fundraising goals.
  • Excel builds your internal capacity to manage your fundraising from start-up to completion, now and in the future.


benefit to charities at Excel Fundraising consultingThe greatest barrier to charitable organizations is not having the funding to achieve their goals. While you and your organization work so hard to improve your community, you can count on Excel Fundraising to join your forces and get directly involved in removing the financial barriers you face.

  • Having an actionable plan gives you clear direction and a roadmap to success.
  • By adopting Excel’s proven fundraising methods you can have confidence in your chances for success.
  • By accelerating the planning and launch processes, you save time and money.
  • Launching faster means engaging donors sooner and receiving donation revenue earlier.
  • Early success improves staff and volunteer morale and reduces turnover.
  • Have greater impact in your charity’s mission.


our approach at Excel Fundraising consultingWe put roofs over the heads of the homeless. We find shelter for abandoned animals. We deliver comfortable respite care and finance research for medical breakthroughs. We do all these things, by empowering you.

  • Your passions are our passions. Your dream is our dream. We immerse ourselves into your goals.
  • We get results. Our integrated system gets you up and running fast! This saves costs and increases revenue.
  • We are a vital partner in your success - building, collaborating and growing your fundraising capacity.

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